There is a new system for achieving avatar. In the name of Avatar TLA we will model our avatar in the same fashion, there will be a new avatar born from each nation every week. The Official nations decide who is avatar, the person must be of their element. For example, the 'Fire Born Avatar' will be solely decided be Fire Nation and will remain Avatar for the duration of a week, then there will be an Air Avatar etc.

- There can be no repeat avatars.
- Each week the order of 'Avatar Born' goes Fire, Air, Water, Earth
- You may only go for one Nation Element every month, each month begins on the 1st. No Nation Hopping.
- The Official Nation may announce their avatar after the usual Sunday announcements.


In the same fashion as Avatar, Amon will be decided by the current leading Chi Nation. Amon will be awarded blood bending, water bending and chi blocking for the duration of his/her rank. Amon can remove a benders bending, more info coming soon.

- There can be repeat Amons.
- The Chi Nation may announce their Amon after the usual Sunday announcements.
- Amon must be a chi or water bender before becoming amon.

What you choose to do with your amon/avatar after election, is up to you. ^.-

Love Cat

[Duke] segagamer20611 can i be the next avatar for earth ill show u my skills but pvp will be laggy so ill show u at a random place my ign is ...
[GDuke] _KiddDiego_ Who is the current Avatar?
rory34468 do u have to have a rank to be the avatar