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VenSo did bc get better staff members unlike last time? :DD
[Prince] ShadyGamer#MakeBCLittyAsATitty
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Caz   my dick is actually 11 inches excuse you
ChaoZed   my dick is actually 6 inches, excuse you.
Ven   Gay
[Duke] AkumaLRyan   created a new thread Real avatar! in the Suggestions forum
[Duke] Lover ❥!!!!
synerged   dead shit
Caz   I'm uncomfortable
Reminder of event Start of Nation Elections on 2017-08-22 00:00:00
Nation Elections Start! Vote ingame using /nations
[Duke] AkumaLRyan   created a new thread Coming back in the General Discussion forum
[Duke] Meawlonnoob benderscraft
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VenI wantz beta :sadface:
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[Duke] Lover ❥   I has beta so happy!
Ven   Hacker
cameronball01I dont understand how i apply to the Beta testing
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ChaoZed   [link] Is the link for the application, however, you're too late. You can't enter the beta now because everyone has already been chosen.
[Prince] ᛕƳᒪᗴaPpLyInG fOr BeTa TeStInG
pLs AcCePt
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cameronball01   How did u apply?
[Duke] Lover ❥   loool ^
ChaoZedThis is the stats hologram that can be shown by doing /stats.
This seperates your bending levels and your actual XP levels, aka, no more enchanting as many stuff as you want, instantly.
As mentioned in Cookie's wall post, beta testers are going to get a "BETA TESTER" title right under their name in /stats. That's literally the only thing we'll gain from being testers. So, don't get too heated up.
Once you reach level 20, you'll be considered as a master, and you'll be able to unlock subs, master and gmaster.
However, note that you level each element seperately. That said, if you're a level 20 airbender, then switch to Earth, your level will be set back to 0, or whatever it was last time you levelled it.
PS: This is an old pic, I'm actually level 10.
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ChaoZed   ehplz don't bully me i'm just a nerd
[Admin] Joeri   Enable transperant leaves you goose
ChaoZed   ye fokken joe, that screenshot is from the day I got whitelisted.
CookiessassiNAre the items and xp beta players get are going to stay in the original bc?
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Caz   na
ChaoZed   Nope.
The only thing we're gonna get is a little "BETA TESTER" title in gold and bold right under our name in /stats.
[Duke] Lover ❥   What?!? I though i was getting op!! What a fat scam!!
[GDuke] PippenHuh .... So are all factions dead by now, assuming that every faction is losing power day by day?
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[Duke] Lover ❥   kun*
Caz   "caz chan" fuck off gay boy
[Duke] Lover ❥   Im christian
VenChrist x Sobkinks
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VenSobki is no longer a pk developer.
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ChaoZed   yes he is lol
Ven   Liar
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