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[GDuke] IanNBFSo, I'm pretty sure I posted this question before but i cant find it anywhere so I'll ask it again. Is there any possibility of receiving refunds for anything purchased in the store, like ranks?
Ethan   No, they weren't purchases, they were donations. You don't get refunds from donations.
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DBwilsonI'm going to miss you all, the friends I've made here, the adventures I've had with my friends, the grind, the sense of community, all of it. You've all been amazing and I'd like to thank all of you. Being a member since the first few weeks of this server and continued playing until 2017, it's been quite the ride. Love you all, and hope to hear from you all in the future. C'yalls soon.
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[GEmp] SaturtosAh man so many memories on this server. Sad to see it go. Will forever hold a place in my heart. "Thnks fr th mmrs" guys!
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Facial_Donutsmh it really do be like dat
synergedyou are all morons
[Duke] Tangerine_Damn, Come here to check on my buds from the last 3 years, to find out that the server died... My heart is hurt
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[Emp] PrinceAndrew318Whats the discord?
synerged   it doesnt exist
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synergedtfw 300 iq
EthanHey guys, just wanted to let you know that i'm working on a Benderscraft restoration project; I've gotten the files from Sobki and i'm adding in a few personal tweaks. I just need to get hosting set up and i'll put the IP here, see you soon guys. Happy Easter; just like the bible, Benderscraft rises again.
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[Prince] Chris   Gg
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