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[Prince] &8&oT&f&oac&8&otdude tofu keeps hacking nand killing me in nw6 we should ban armor and weapons from the arenas like if you agree with me
[Prince] sexycoffee812   I would agree but using armor is a type of pvp and a choice. You can't simply ban armor in certain areas of the server.
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BaryllServer dead. Rip.
[Duke] Lover ❥server dead
[Duke] Vyrgaxdead server
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[GDuke] Bezerk   created a new thread Player Market - Maximum Rent in the Suggestions forum
[King] yoshiisland
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[Emp] zane   caz is fat
Caz   ur fat
[Prince] sexycoffee812   All the time.
TangerooneWhat's really the point of this section now? It feels more baron than it once did. or maybe I'm thinking back to when the server went down for the 1.11.2 update.
ChaoZed   Why hello there, Frosten Schtein.
I'd like to tell you that there really is no point of this section except for me spamming it!
[GDuke] PieAs a wise man once said, “I wumbo, he wumbo, me, she, we wumbo”

Spread the knowledge of wumbology today
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[MMod] Trist   The earth is flat.
[GDuke] Bezerk   Wumbology is a hoax invented by the chinese. No way.
[Prince] sexycoffee812   Oh? Sure...
[Prince] &8&oT&f&oac&8&otwish we could turn back time
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[MMod] Trist   to the good old days
ChaoZed   Aye, to the good ole' days when I found bending to be amusing.
[GDuke] Pie   When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out
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