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[GDuke] Tyguy_GamingTomorrow at 12p.m. PST on the server is our first bending tournament. The winner will receive the avatar. I hope you can all make it! Unitednationsbending .com
Reminder of event Start of Nation Elections on 2018-02-20 00:00:00
Nation Elections Start! Vote ingame using /nations
ChaoZed5 likes and I'll make a proper bending server and make the files public.
[Prince] ᛕƳᒪᗴ   created a new thread Thread (very important) in the General Discussion forum
fadedsoul   registered to BendersCraft
[GDuke] Tyguy_GamingHey guys! So my server is pretty much done! If u wanna join, I would love to have u on! the ip is unitednationsbending .com Sobki has helped a ton and I am super grateful for all of his help. Ik a lot of people are spamming their servers but I still hope ya join XD. Bendingchronicles is great but was too hard to play on for me because I live in the US and i didn't like the earning the moves thing. Well anyways, if u wanna have some fun on a factions bending server, hop on over!
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[OLord] celidar   1.12.2
[GDuke] PippenIs everyone migrating to flame or has that died too?
[Duke] Vyrgax   bending died overall
[GDuke] Pippen   Sad ;-;
[OLord] celidarFriend me on hypixel - celidar
TurtleI feel like if BC never got that lengthy update it would still be up today
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[Emp] Zane   without the lengthy update it wouldn't of lasted as long as it did due to the fact that the host costed more money that the server could afford
Turtle   he could've just switched the hosts and kept the bc before the update
Superplayz765being on the server since 2013 and seeing it die is kinda sad tbh
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[HEmp] Cory   yea even though the server wasnt up in 2013, kinda sad
[Emp] Zaneok shutup
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[Prince] _Hetag1216_   stfu
[Prince] _Hetag1216_I want to join the spam.
Please note: I don't want to force anyone to join neither I want to be recognized as the usual spammer.
I just built a server, I could only be happy if someone of the old bc would join to re enstablish the community.

Bending - Factions - Survival - Version 1.10.2
Server IP: play . bendingchronicles . eu
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[Prince] _Hetag1216_   It won't be so, my lil sven xd
Gonna rape you while you're sleeping. >.> watch out
ChaoZed   Ven, you should know that it is.
Level up to unlock abilities, check.
Former BC players, check.
All bad at bending, check.
Turtle   Not relevant, check
[King] Alphabc machine broke
[Emp] Zane   ok shutup
[Emp] CatSorry I'm a bit late to the goodbye train. Reading all the comments really warms my heart. I'm glad BC was a comfort to you guys. I'm sad to see it go (throws sand on the BC coffin). You guys taught me a lot. Sayonara. (Love you Greg)
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Ven   cant you just go to the console or something?
[Owner] Sobki   no ven silly noob
Ven   im reporting.
[Duke] Vyrgaxhey dos someone have a combustion tome i realy need one its to dificult to get tank you!!!1!
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[GDuke] Pie   Remember when monkey sold guru tomes for 10k each
ChaoZed   I remember when I got one for free by killing some noob LOL!
[Emp] Zane   ok shutup
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