BETA Summary

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their applications to help test the server! I was delighted to see a lot more people apply than initially expected. In hindsight, I am very pleased with the decision to hold off on releasing the server by a few weeks to make sure we iron out as many issues as possible. We received fantastic feedback from everyone who logged on the server, giving myself and Joe a long list of changes to make. Although the server is now in a much better position bug-wise, there are bound to be problems after release. Please keep in mind that this is to be expected during the early stages of the server, and if you come across said issue report it to a member of staff.

Server Release

As there are only a couple things remaining before the server is 100% ready, we are happy to announce that the server will be opening to the public on Friday the 8th of September at 3 PM EDT. Along with this, we will be opening our community discord server publicly for anybody wanting to join. (link coming soon)

It is to be expected that not everything on the server will be absolutely polished, as there is still a lot planned to happen in the future.

From all of our testing, we found that there’s also a lot with the current server which could be changed in the future. We have done our best to create this new server, however, until we see how different aspects perform in actual gameplay, we cannot be certain that things will act out as we had intended. This may result in adjustments ranging from small edits to config options (not just bending), or even large scale changes to the abandonment of the leveling system, for example. We want as much constructive feedback and criticism in order to improve the server, and so you should not join with the expectation that this is 5 years worth of work.