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Official news and announcements.
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Let us know what you think about our server and website!
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By [Duke] Meawlon 10 hours ago
Allow all of Benderscraft to get to know you!
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By PixelPotato33 Sep 8, 17
BendersCraft Forum
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Did you say challenge?
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By Caz Mar 18, 17
Official BendersCraft Tutorials: Approved
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By [Owner] Sobki Oct 3, 16
Share what you think about BendersCraft.
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By ChaoZed Apr 6, 17
Sell or promote your wares and services!
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By [Prince] Game Dec 24, 16
A place to find new, dedicated faction members.
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By [OLord] Dregier Nov 9, 16
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Here is where you would report things on creative that have gone wrong, including players.
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Roleplaying! A big BCC past-time. Post anything concerning roleplays here.
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Have something building-wise you want to show the community? Post it here! It doesn't have to be your own, but please cite it if it's not.
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By Caz Mar 7, 17
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Discussion about general topics.
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By Ven Sep 15, 17
Event happening throughout BenderCraft.
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By Ven May 19, 17
Post concept art of your character or friends
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By FayeWild Aug 1, 17
Post threads showing of possible world maps we can use in the sever to mess around and have fun.
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By [Duke] Snoopyfun Oct 19, 16
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Report and discuss bugs of Bendercraft.
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By [OLord] Dregier Mon at 06:22
Submitted application of players and admin that will be reviewed for future judgment
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By ChaoZed 2 hours ago
If you need help with a general concept of Benderscraft/the website, post here!
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By [Owner] Sobki Thu at 04:06
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Chat about anything gaming related, no matter what platform!
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By [King] Squizzeh Jun 7, 17
Discuss all things not BenderCraft
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By Ven Sep 11, 17
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