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HaktanGamesTR67   registered to BendersCraft
[Prince] Gareth SwanShame how I only come on this website to see if there's any drama, find none and leave again
ChaoZedThat moment when Duke costs just as much as Fallout 4 does on a summer sale...
ChaoZed   Seeing a sale in the price of ranks sure would be nice, and very much appreciated.
[OLord] Dregier   Donor ranks dont have anything worth spending your money on at the moment. Depending on if Joe decides to no longer follow EULA, then it will probably stay that way...
[GDuke] Gabber 
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Dank   That meme is of top-quality
[Emp] TristReal eyes realize real lies
[OLord] DregierLedge
__VeNI hope bc decomposes.
[Prince] Gareth Swan   Too late
__VeN   dies*
CazAre you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?
Dank   Bad meme. Get out trashbag.
CookiessassiN   They look more like they broke their arms.
[OLord] Dregier   What is wrong with Mr. Krabs over there in the corner?
Dank and yucon registered to BendersCraft
[MMod] SethBoneless pizza
[King] Chaos   with pineapple
[OLord] Dregier   Smh
yucon   created a new thread Hello! in the Introduce Yourself! forum
[OLord] DregierSobki coming in at top voter with 1 vote
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EthanPetition to put a rule in place that punishes players for making repeated pointless/ false reports.
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Dank   @Doomsgay
The sooner you realise the world isn't all unicorns and butterflies the better.
dddoomsdays   I know it isn't but rules shall be upheld it's only a bloody server
__VeN   stop being a poosi. period.
[OLord] Dregier   created a new thread BCCore Leveling System - Ideas in the Suggestions forum
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