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Gabberchad is back
[Duke] Lover ❥   created a new thread Revamp ideas -Lover in the Suggestions forum
[Duke] Vyrgax
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[Duke] Lover ❥   :(
[Prince] ShadyGamer   Honestly he's not wrong tho
[King] Chaos   old but still true
KnightSparrow   created a new thread Bro just faze up in the General Discussion forum
[Duke] ManlyDonutTru story
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[Duke] ManlyDonut   <3 u all tho
[Prince] &8&oT&f&oac&8&ot   XDDD
[King] Zanewould just like to say thankyou to ethan and caz for stealing my arena
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Caz   fat fuck
[Duke] Vyrgax   ^^ REPROT??
Caz   no plz i love zanery it was a jk!!!!!!!!!!
Gabber xchads are masterrace
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[GDuke] SosI'm really glad I'll get to spend some time on my best server this summer. Renewed and fixed. So happy. Thanks to y'all for what you're doing.
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13ryce   created a new thread Server Up Or are people just white listed? in the Need Help? forum
[Duke] VyrgaxGuys I honestly think my very own made by me arena is MUCH better than the one that's going to replace nw12 if you guys agree just like and we'll make sure this arena will become the new arena pl0x
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[Admin] Joeri   Can't you guys appreciate this piece of art?
[Duke] Vyrgax   ^^ <3
[Duke] VyrgaxRIP Kitpvp
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[King] ChaosAfter several months of searching I have finally tracked Ethan's true bloodline. I present you one of his ancestors, AdELF Hitler. Some background info, they belong to a race of snow elves and they are extremely pale as a means of camouflage.
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Ethan   We all knew I was hitler??
Nothing new here.
[Prince] ᛕƳᒪᗴ   "ELF" Top-meme
EthanJust found this on Chaos' Facebook.
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[Duke] Lover ❥   W0w!!11!!!
[Prince] ᛕƳᒪᗴ   On a scale from 1 to smash, I'd smash
[Prince] ShadyGamer   Hot (no homo)
[Prince] ᛕƳᒪᗴTheirs a man walking down my street at night singing as loud as humanly possible "Slow Hands" by Niall Horan ...
#Australia #Neighbourhood #Goals
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ChaoZed   bring your twitter hashtag shit out of here mate
[Duke] ManlyDonut'Nother meme
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[Prince] ᛕƳᒪᗴ   Lookin' like England is his city
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