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CookiessassiN   Gareth's nudes
[Duke] tiaoAnyone else having conection problems with BC? i am trying to log-in for 10 mins stairt now, i have restarted my Wifi, and my Mc and my Whole PC.
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[Prince] Jt3288   same I cant connect either, server might be down?
[Prince] sexycoffee812   I think the server is down because I am having similar problems when connecting to the server.
[Prince] Gareth Swan   Yeah it's done it again
__VeNEw loth touching the forums
ChaoZed   Where's your cancerous rigged pictures of your minecraft avatar?
__VeN   In your hole
CookiessassiN   Ew ven is still alive, go back to hell
[Prince] Jt3288So, I might come back. I doubt anybody here will remember me but I used to be extremely active on Benderscraft over I think three or four years back. I just wonder if I still get my donor perks and if anybody at all will recognize me. Im looking forward to it. I truly wish it will be recognizable or at least similar.
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[Prince] Gareth Swan   hi, i'm swan! I hate most people
[Prince] &8&oT&f&oac&8&ot   my name is tact but i am very friendly to everybody who likes me back thank for reading welcome back mister!
CookiessassiN   My name is cooker, you don't need to know about me
EthanIf Shrey is of colour, why is his skin white?
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[Admin] Shreyasv   Because I found the skin online
__VeN   They normally hide their skin color
[Prince] Gareth Swan   oh my god you can't just ask someone why they're white *can't do karen's voice*
__VeNShrey is black?
[Admin] Shreyasv   Indian, so brown.
__VeN   Sounds lovely <33
Joyce_Redman   registered to BendersCraft
Joyce_Redman   created a new thread Game development career opportunities in the Off Topic Discussions forum
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[OLord] DregierWe need staff promotions. There are few active staff, and it's mainly lower staff. Also, some new staff would be nice.
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__VeN   Give me admin.
[Prince] KyleRest in peace - My sanity 5/22/2017
[Prince] &8&oT&f&oac&8&ot   i didnt know you were ever sane
__VeN   I told you to rape flowers smh. You didn't listen!
__VeNSobki ;(
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[MMod] SethHey guys, we have added a new section for ban-appeals a little while ago and I would appreciate if you used it. It makes it easier for all of us. The location is at the top of the page under "Appeals" and has the correct format detailed and everything. Thanks :)
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[MMod] Seth   @Ethan it's just less hastle for us, but thanks for the concern.
[Admin] Joeri   There's often more irrelevant posts on ban appeals than not, which is why they're private (the same for player reports). Ban appeals and player reports are most of the time recent aswell, meaning evidence can easily be traced back
[Admin] Joeri   Probation applications on the other hand, are still public as they can go back years into time, and in cases like those it is useful for player insight as staff may lack that knowledge
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Lover's lovely ban appeal!!! ^-^
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