Good evening everyone, it has taken a while for us to push this update forward, but it is finally here! You can access the new wild by going to /warp wild, the old wild will be accessible with /warp oldwild for 3 weeks (March 24th - April 14th)

In the last week of the wild reset, factions will be disabled to allow the raiding of inactive members, and griefing will be allowed in the old wild specifically


Along with the wild reset, the end will be reset and be accessible to players again to build in and explore, factions will be disabled in the end and as will GMC, however all else such as building, pvping and opening chests will be available

The End, similarly to the Wild, will have a border. This means there is a limited amount of End Fortresses, and a limited amount of loot, grab it while it's still there.


Several large projects are currently in the works, due to the fact that they are in progress i cannot give out details as things may be subject to change, i can however inform you of what these projects are:

  • BC Core, a plugin that will replace Heroes 
  • A revamp of the spiritshop & donor ranks
  • A new bending arena
  • The new spawn


Next on our list will be the third stage of the reset, the bending reset.

The bending reset will include a few of the projects mentioned above, such as BC Core which will adress issues such as the damage bug (related to Heroes) along with the new arena

Thank you for time and patience.


The Staff Team

[Prince] Gareth Swan The pvp arena looks crap xo